Welcome to The Green Park Residents website. Some of us decided it would be a good idea to be able to communicate conveniently via the web avoiding the hassles of emails. So here it is!

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We can also provide support for one another. If anyone has any problems or issues they would like to share with the other residents you can now use this site to do just that. We all share the same seagulls, after all.

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Recent Posts

Summer Party 2016

garden-party-21016The Green Park Residents hosted another successful garden party on Sunday the 4th of September. This year we enjoyed a pleasing mixture of owners and residents, ex-residents and hangers on! Predicably the weather was a bit unsettled, but as usual this had little effect on the afternoon’s proceedings and a good time was had by all. Many thanks to Ken and Liz Littlewood for organising the main event as well as the essential shopping trip for food and wine! Also thanks to all the residents for extra contributions and to Michael Clarkson at no. 20 who very kindly allowed us the use of his garden.

Photo by Pam Bourgoyne

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